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Alpha Company
Commanded By: C/Captain Noah Marchesiello

Alpha final.JPG
We are alpha first in line, we are strong, we unite, bravo, Charlie, delta cry, alpha's #1, Hooah!

Bravo Company
commanded by: C/CAPTAIN Alexis Maciak

Bravo final.JPG
we're the best you can't deny, we're on top we touch the sky, bravo company brings the pain. step on the snakes you get the fangs. we're the best, we run the show, all of y'all gotta go, hooah!

Charlie Company
Commanded By: C/Captain Daniel bates

Charlie final.JPG
LOUD, FAST, STRONG AND BRAVE, CHARLIE COMPANY takes the game. Alpha, Bravo, delta too, we are gonna come for you, HOOAH!

Delta Company
Commanded by: C/Captain Destiny Davis

Delta final.JPG
delta delta, we're on top
alpha, bravo, you're a flop, we're coming hard, we're coming fast, we're in first cuz charlie's last, hooah!
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