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Leaders Today, Legends Tomorrow

Battalion Commander copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 lely JROTC Battalion Commander, Cadet lieutenant colonel Grady Schaal is responsible for running the Trojan Battalion. Grady oversees all things that occur in the program and works closely with his staff to ensure that as a whole, the trojan battalion is living up to the Lely Standard. Grady has participated in various teams, such as service learning briefing, colorguard, leadership and academic jlab as well as various drill teams: exhibition, armed platoon, unarmed platoon, armed squad and unarmed squad. he is planning to major in cybersecurity at the georgia institute of technology.

Deputy Commanding Officer copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Deputy Commanding Officer, cadet major myrantza cottia's primary responsibility is to command the Trojan Battalion during the absence of the Battalion Commander and take on ANY special projects directed TO them BY THE commander and JROTC instructors. myrantza is responsible for the Lely JROTC's Service Learning Project, the Continuous Improvement Project, and the organization of the Cadet Portfolio system. Myrantza has been on the armed drill platoon, as well as serving as an assistant commander for unarmed platoon. she also participated in service learning and academic jlab. myrantza is planning to double major in public policy and social work and minor in forensic psychology and continuing on to attend law school and become a civil rights lawyer.

Executive Officer copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Major Brynley Everage assists the battalion commander and serves as the interface between the Battalion Commander and the entire Staff. Brynley is responsible for the Trojan Battalion fundraisers and budgeting SYSTEM. Brynley has been on female unarmed platoon for drill, as well as serving as the commander for the platoon. she has also participated in service learning briefing and academic JLAB. Brynley plans to attend gmc after graduating and enlist in the army after completing her studying to become a physical therapist.

Battalion S-1 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Administration Officer, Cadet Major Victoria Cabrera is responsible for the information input of cadets in the Battalion in JUMS. Victoria is responsible for tracking cadet’s position and ranks within the Battalion. Victoria has participated in unarmed platoon, unarmed squad, and exhibition within drill. she has also participated in leadership JLAB and been a member of the marksmanship team. Victoria plans to go to FGCU and major in PR and minor in hospitality and tourism, and continue on to travel the world.

Battalion S-2 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Intelligence and Security Officer, cadet lieutenant colonel Marcus Odom's responsibility is to secure and direct all weapons within the Battalion and is also accountable for a monthly inventory of all Drill weapons. Marcus coordinates with the Operation Officer, Color Guard Coordinator, and Drill to ensure that the teams have all weapons ready for training and special events. Marcus has participated in color-guard and service learning briefing. he plans to go into the Air Force after high school.

Battalion S-3 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely jrotc battalion operations officer, cadet major ALBERT LOPEZ is responsible for all matters concerning the training and operations. ALBERT publishes weekly training schedules along with the operation orders for each event that occur within the program. He helps the units achieve training goals and ensures that the entire battalion functions effectively. albert has participated in various drill teams, such as: unarmed platoon, armed platoon, armed squad, and exhibition. he has also done several events within color-guard. he plans to go to GMC and graduate as a second lieutenant with an as. degree in biology, and continue on to pursue a career as a biomedical engineer.

Battalion S-4 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Operations Officer, CADET MAJOR WILFRED ALVAREZ is responsible for the supply and logistic actions of the Trojan Battalion. WILFRED also orders supplies, takes continuous inventory for the everyday business, attends to the order and cleanliness of the Battalion Supply areas, and maintains clothing records within the JUMS program for all Trojan cadets. Wilfred has participated in exhibition, armed squad, armed platoon and unarmed platoon within drill. He plans to join the united states air force academy and become a fighter pilot in the air force.

Battalion S-5 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet lieutenant colonel DANIKA EMILE is responsible for representing the Battalion through images and videos with the help of the S-6. DANIKA is accountable for uploading pictures to the JROTC Flickr photo album, managing the monthly newsletter report, updating the Lely JROTC bulletin board, and setting up the Battalion Scrapbook. Danika has participated in unarmed platoon and armed squad within drill teams, as well as academic JLAB and service learning briefing. she plans to major in medicine and marketing and pursue a career as a pediatric nurse.

Battalion S-6 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major JADEN PULSE is responsible for updating and editing the Lely JROTC website. SHE is also responsible for publishing the outstanding achievements of the Lely JROTC Battalion. JADEN works closely with the Battalion S-5 to display pictures of the Battalion on the Lely JROTC website and Flickr page. JADEN'S responsibilities also include helping out in any technical related needs in the program. she has won several essay writing contests throughout her time in jrotc, as well as participating in academic jlab. jaden is currently enlisted as 31b in the army, and plans to further her education with a masters degree in business.

Battalion S-7 copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major MAURICIO ROCHA is responsible for overseeing 11 drill teams and coordinating practices to compete with the State and County Drill Meet. MAURICIO is responsible for overseeing 11 drill teams and coordinating practices to compete at the state and county drill meets. Mauricio is an expert within drill, as he has been on at least two drill teams every year, and in his sophomore and junior year he was a member on all drill teams. He has also participated in service learning briefing. Mauricio plans to major in business and entrepreneurship.


AS the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC command Sergeant Major, CADET csm  NATHAN SANCHEZ is responsible for assisting the Battalion Commander with the state of morale, appearance, discipline, and training of cadets within the Trojan Battalion. NATHAN also serves as a link communication interface between cadets in the Chain of Command and Staff. Nathan has participated in armed platoon, unarmed platoon, unarmed squad, squad exhibition and duo exhibition within drill teams. he has also participated in raiders and service learning briefing. Nathan is currently enlisted as 12w in the army.

Color Guard Commander copy.jpg

As the 2022-2023 Lely JROTC Battalion Color Guard Commander, Cadet Major Tomas Duran is responsible for overseeing all Color Guard activities. Tomas is responsible for the training, efficiency, and discipline of all Color Guard members. he coordinates with the Battalion S-3 for the planning of events, and the Battalion S-2 and S-4 for all flag, uniform, and weapon requirements. he inspects all uniforms of the Color Guard to make sure they are beyond the standard of the Battalion. Tomas has participated in almost every drill team, several color-guard events, as well as raiders and JLAB. He plans to attend GMC and study cybersecurity.

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