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As the 2020-2021 lely JROTC Battalion Commander, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Haidy Betancourt is responsible for running the Trojan Battalion. HaIdy oversees all things that occur in the program and works closely with her staff to ensure that as a whole, the trojan battalion is living up to the Lely Standard. Within the Battalion, Haidy HAS been COMMANDER OF the Female ARMED SQUAD, FEMALE COLOR GUARD team, EXHIBITION, JLAB CAPTAIN, AND  SECONDARY SERVICE LEARNING. sHE IS ALSO BEEN INVOLVED WITH Marksmanship, DRILL AND Service Learning. Outside of the battalion, Haidy is affiliated in clubs such as the National Honor Society, Spanish honor society and key club. She also participates in sports such as Cross country. As for her future, Haidy plans on attending Georgia military college where she received a full ride scholarship, study kinesiology and continue her education to become a physician assistant.


Battalion DCO

Position not filled

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Deputy Commanding Officer, The DCO's primary responsibility is to command the Trojan Battalion during the absence of the Battalion Commander and take on ANY special projects directed TO them BY THE commander and JROTC instructors. The Dco is responsible for the Lely JROTC's Service Learning Project, the Continuous Improvement Project, and the organization of the Cadet Portfolio system. 

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Major Michael pRAINITO assists the battalion commander and serves as the interface between the Battalion Commander and the entire Staff. Michael is responsible for the Trojan Battalion fundraisers and budgetING SYSTEM. Within JROTC, MICHAEL HAS BEEN COMMANDER OF BOTH MALE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY COLOR GUARD TEAMS. HE HAS ALSO BEEN INVOLVED WITH DRILL, mARKSMANSHIP, JLAB, AND SERVICE LEARNING. Outside of JROTC, MICHAEL HAS INTERNED WITH THE COLLIER COUNTY LIBRARY'S LEAP PROGRAM (LIBRARY ELECTRONIC ASSISTANCE PROGRAM), WHERE THEY HELP ASSIST PATRON WITH ANY TECHNOLOGICAL ISSUES THEY MAY HAVE. aS FOR HIS FUTURE, MICHAEL PLANS TO ATTEND GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE where he received a full ride scholarship, and to later commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the us army.

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Administration Officer, Cadet Major sCOTIA Holdsworth is responsible for the information input of cadets in the Battalion in JUMS. sCOTIA is responsible for tracking cadet’s position and ranks within the Battalion. Within the program, sCOTIA is a member of mARKSMANSHIP AND JLAB. Outside of the Battalion, throughout her four years in high school, she was involved in nATIONAL SOCIETY OF HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARS, naTURE gUIDES, ECOVENTURES, MARCO ISLAND STUDENT COUNCIL, VOLUNTEERED WITH MARCO OPTIMIST TEAMS, BEACH CLEAN-UPS AND THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS. As for her future, sCOTIA plans to attend a COLLEGE THAT HAS A ROTC PROGRAM TO STUDY COMMUNICATIONS AND SERVE IN THE MILITARY. fURTHERMORE, SHE aims TO MOVE INTO FASHION AND TRAVEL.

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Intelligence and Security Officer, cadet major eDVY PEDRO's responsibility is to secure and direct all weapons within the Battalion and is also accountable for a monthly inventory of all Drill weapons. He coordinates with the Operation Officer, Color Guard Coordinator, and Drill to ensure that the teams have all weapons ready for training and special events. eDVY has shown commitment by being part of DRILL AND  COLOR GUARD.  As for the future, eDVY plans to attend GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE to MAJOR IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE. LATER ON, EDVY plans to COMMISSION AS A SECOND LIEUTENANT IN THE ARMY AND HAVE A CAREER IN LAW ENFORCEMENT.

As the 2020-2021 Lely jrotc battalion operations officer, cadet major Heidy BETANCOURT is responsible for all matters concerning the training and operations. She coordinates with CW4 Harp and publishes weekly training schedules along with the operation orders for each event that occur within the program. sHe helps the units achieve training goals and ensures that the entire battalion functions effectively. Aside from being the S-3, Heidy HAS BEEN APART OF DRILL TEAMS, COLOR GUARD, MARKSMANSHIP, SERVICE LEARNING, JLAB, AND VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES WITHIN THE PROGRAM. Outside the battalion, HEIDY IS INVOLVED WITH THE nATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, Spanish HONORS sOCIETY, kEY CLUB, AND THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. hER FUTURE PLANS ARE TO ATTEND GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE where she received a full ride scholarship AND LATER ON COMMISSION AS A SECOND LIEUTENANT IN THE ARMY.

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Operations Officer, Cadet Major Manuel Pantoja is responsible for the supply and logistic actions of the Trojan Battalion. He also orders supplies, takes continuous inventory for the everyday business, attends to the order and cleanliness of the Battalion Supply areas, and maintains clothing records within the JUMS program for all Trojan cadets. Aside from being s-4 Manuel has been a part of drill and raiders. outside of the battalion, he was also on the lely high school soccer team. manuel's future plans are to attend Georgia military college and become a second lieutenant in the army. Later on, he wants to transfer to Florida southern college to study secondary education.

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet MAjor Fryda Vizcaya-Lara is responsible for representing the Battalion through images and videos with the help of the S-6. The s-5 is accountable for uploading pictures to the JROTC Flickr photo album, managing the monthly newsletter report, updating the Lely JROTC bulletin board, and setting up the Battalion Scrapbook.  

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major rUBY ARMAS is responsible for updating and editing the Lely JROTC website. She is also responsible for publishing the outstanding achievements of the Lely JROTC Battalion. RUBY works closely with the Battalion S-5 to display pictures of the Battalion on the Lely JROTC website and Flickr page. RUBY'S responsibilities also include helping out in any technical related needs throughout the program. wITHIN JROTC, SHE IS A PART OF JLAB, MARKSMANSHIP, SECONDARY SERVICE LEARNING, AND HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO TO JCLC. Outside of JROTC, rUBY HAS VOLUNTEERED AT THE HUMANE SOCIETY WORKING WITH FELINES. SHE HAS ALSO PARTICIPATED IN SOCCER AND SOFTBALL. rUBY'S FUTURE PLANS ARE TO ATTEND VIRginia TECH ON AN ROTC SCHOLARSHIP AND MAJOR IN SOCIOLOGY. LATER ON, she'd like to ATTEND ANOTHER COLLEGE TO FOCUS ON PARAMEDICINE.

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major Karen JUAREZ is responsible for overseeing 11 drill teams and coordinating practices to compete with the State and County Drill Meet. Within the Battalion, Karen HAS BEEN A PART OF ALL FEMALE DRILL TEAMS INCLUDING EXHIBITION and is a member of THE FEMALE Color Guard. sHE HAS AlsO VOLUNTEERED WHEN ANY OPPORTUNITY UPRISES. oUTSIDE OF THE BATTALION, KAREN WAS THE CAPTAIN OF HER SOCCER TEAM IN THE MEXI LEAGUE. hER FUTURE PLANS ARE TO ATTEND FLORIDA sOUTHERn cOLLEGE ON A FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP to MAJOR IN PSYCHOLOGY AND BUSINESS. 

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC command Sergeant Major, Leslie bATES is responsible for assisting the Battalion Commander, Haidy Betancourt, with the state of morale, appearance, discipline, and training of cadets within the Trojan Battalion. She also serves as a link communication interface between cadets in the Chain of Command and Staff. wITHIN THE BATTALION, Leslie HAS BEEN A PART OF DRILL AND SERVICE LEARNING. oUTSIDE OF THE BATTALION, SHE IS PART OF THE KEY CLUB, GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE CLUB, AND HAS VOLUNTEERED AT THE HUMANE SOCIETY. Leslie's FUTURE PLANS ARE TO attend Georgia Military College to become an officer then attend stetson university to study pre-law to become a family lawyer

As the 2020-2021 Lely JROTC Battalion Color Guard Commander, Cadet Gustavo Guitierrez is responsible for overseeing all Color Guard activities. Gustavo is responsible for the training, efficiency, and discipline of all Color Guard members. He coordinates with the Battalion S-3 for the planning of events, and the Battalion S-2 and S-4 for all flag, uniform, and weapon requirements. He inspects all uniforms of the Color Guard to make sure they are beyond the standard of the Battalion. Gustavo  IS THE COMMANDER FOR aRMED sQUAD AND uNARMED PLATOON. HE HAS PARTICIPATED IN DRILL ALL 4 YEARS, AS WELL AS JLAB AND SERVICE LEARNING. HE HAS BEEN A PART OF THE Lely wrestling team. Gustavo WILL BE HELD up to the responsibility of keeping the standards of the Battalion higher than imaginable. In regards to Gustavo's FUTURE, HE PLANS ON ATTENDING GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE and BECOMING A SECOND LIEUTENANT IN THE ARMY. AFTERWARDS, TRANSFER TO FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE TO STUDY SECONDARY EDUCATION.

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