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As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Commander, Cadet Colonel Isabel Muguerza is responsible for running the Trojan Battalion. Isabel oversees all things that occur in the program and works closely with her staff to ensure that as a whole, the trojan battalion is living up to the Lely Standard. Within the Battalion, she has been a member of drill, JLAB, and Service Learning teams for the past three years. Outside of the battalion, Isabel spends her time flight training to accumulate hours to obtain a private pilot’s license. As for the future, Isabel plans to attend the southwest Florida public service academy and become a corrections officer.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Deputy Commanding Officer, Cadet Major Vanessa Alvarez’s primary responsibility is to command the Trojan Battalion during the absence of the Battalion Commander and to take on special projects directed by her commander and JROTC instructors. Vanessa is responsible for the Lely JROTC's Service Learning Project, the Continuous Improvement Project, and the organization of the Cadet Portfolio system. Within the Trojan battalion, Vanessa commands the raiders team. Outside of JROTC Vanessa is involved in Lelys Cross Country Team, and a member or the road runners. In regards to her future plans she plans to attend georgia military college, where she has recieved a full ride scholarship, to later commision as an officer in the army.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Executive Officer, Cadet Major Lauren Shiveler assists the battalion commander and serves as the interface between the Battalion Commander and the entire Staff. Lauren is responsible for the Trojan Battalion fundraisers and budgets spending. Within JROTC, Lauren is one of the commanders of the Raiders team. Outside of JROTC, Lauren takes part in the Lely Cross Country team and the Roadrunners Club. Throughout her life, she has also been part of a 4-H club named the Corkscrew Swampers. Through 4-H she shows hogs and a heifer and aims to help others learn more about animals. Her Future Plans are to attend Florida Southern College and to pursue a career as a large animal veterinarian.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Administration Officer, Cadet Major Priscila Castaneda is responsible for the information input of cadets in the Battalion in JUMS. Priscila is responsible for tracking cadet’s position and ranks within the Battalion. Within the program, Priscila commands both the Female Armed Platoon and Exhibition Platoon teams, is a member of Color Guard, drill teams, and JLAB team. Outside of the Battalion, throughout her four years in high school she was involved in cross country, basketball, key club, core society, and rotary interact. As for her future, Priscila plans to attend georgia military college, where she has recieved a full ride scholarship, to later commison as an officer in the army.  

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Intelligence and Security Officer, cadet major Daniel Alvizo responsibility is to secure and direct all weapons within the Battalion and is also accountable for a monthly inventory of all Drill weapons. He coordinates with the Operation Officer, Color Guard Coordinator, and Drill to ensure that the teams have all weapons ready for training and special events. Daniel has shown commitment by being part of the Raiders team . Besides being the S-2, Daniel is involved in Lely’s cross country team, and is a member of the road runners club. Daniel  is also involved in the Lely Varsity Lacrosse Team. As for the future, Daniel plans to attend Georgia Military College and then finish his college years at Florida Southern College.

As the 2019-2020 Lely jrotc battalion operations officer, cadet major Julian Pereira is responsible for all matters concerning the training and operations. He coordinates with CW4 Harp and publishes weekly training schedules along with the operation orders for each event that occur within the program. He helps the units achieve training goals and ensures that the entire battalion functions effectively. Aside from being the S-3, Julian has held multiple leadership positions throughout his years as a cadet; such as a squad leader, first sergeant, and freshmen color guard commander. He has also been a member of multiple drill teams, service learning, and color guard. Outside the battalion, Julian has been in band, cross country, Spanish Honor Society, an active volunteer at north collier hospital, and a member in teen court as a defense attorney. His future plans are to attend Georgia military college and continue his studies at florida southern college and major in Biology to later on become a Surgical Physician Assistant and commission as an officer in the army.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Operations Officer, Cadet Major Brandon Valdez is responsible for the supply and logistic actions of the Trojan Battalion. He also orders supplies, takes continuous inventory for the everyday business, attends to the order and cleanliness of the Battalion Supply areas, and maintains clothing records within the JUMS program for all Trojan cadets. Within the battalion he is in raiders and unarmed squad drill. Outside of JROTC, Brandon is in lely’s cross country team, and varsity soccer. He’s an honor roll student and has received the presidential fitness, and leadership excellence award. As for his future, Brandon plans to attend georgia military college, where he has recieved a full ride scholarship, to later commision as an officer in the army.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major Miriam Ramos-Ramirez is responsible for representing the Battalion through images and videos with the help of the S-6. Miriam is accountable for uploading pictures to the JROTC Flickr photo album, managing the monthly newsletter report, updating the Lely JROTC bulletin board, and setting up the Battalion Scrapbook. Within JROTC, Miriam is a member of the Lely Drill and Service Learning team. Aside from the JROTC program, throughout her four years of high School she has been involved in extracurriculars such as,CORE Society, volunteering, Young life, and Key Club. In regards to her future plans, Miriam plans to attend the Florida National Guard, to later attend Florida Southern to major in criminology.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major Sophia Aylwin is responsible for updating and editing the Lely JROTC website. She is also responsible for publishing the outstanding achievements of the Lely JROTC Battalion. Sophia works closely with the Battalion S-5 to display pictures of the Battalion on the Lely JROTC website and Flickr page. Sophia’s responsibilities also include helping out in any technical related needs throughout the program. Outside of JROTC, Sophia has an internship with her library’s LEAP program (Library Electronic Assistance Program) where she assists the library’s patrons with any technological issues that they have. She also volunteers at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve as an environmental educator. In regards to her future plans, Sophia plans to attend University of Florida and major in environmental sciences.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Special Projects Officer, Cadet Major Joshua Dubois is responsible for overseeing 11 drill teams and coordinating practices to compete the State and County Drill Meet. Within the Battalion, Joshua commands the male Unarmed Squad and is a member of Lely JROTC Color Guard, and Raiders. Outside of JROTC, Joshua takes part in the Cross Country  team. Joshua's future plans are to attend Florida Southern College, major in Biology and study to become a Zoologist.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Command Sergeant Major, Santiago Velasquez is responsible for assisting the Battalion Commander, Isabel Muguerza, with the state of morale, appearance, discipline, and training of cadets within the Trojan Battalion. He also serves as a link communication interface between cadets in the Chain of Command and Staff. Within JROTC, Santiago is the commander of the Raider Team. Outside of JROTC, Santiago has completed three aviation courses and is now a peer counselor, who aids in teaching and grading. In regards to his future plans, Santiago plans are to attend Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and become a commercial pilot.

As the 2019-2020 Lely JROTC Battalion Color Guard Commander, Cadet lieutenant colonel Franco Pero is responsible for overseeing all Color Guard activities. Franco is responsible for training, efficiency, and discipline of all Color Guard members. He coordinates with the Battalion S-3 for the planning of events, and the Battalion S-2 and S-4 for all flag, uniform, and weapon requirements. He inspects all uniforms of the Color Guard to make sure they are beyond the standard of the Battalion. Franco is also a part of the Raider, Armed Platoon , and Unarmed Squad Drill Team. He is also the captain of the Lely wrestling team. Franco is held up to the responsibility of keeping the standards of the Battalion higher than imaginable. In regards to Franco’s future, he will attend Florida southern college to major in Cyber security.

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